Konsul Company was one of the organizers of parachuting championship in Krasnoyarsk 2015!!!

June 2015

Silver on the championship of Russia 2014.

September 2014

American aviabales in Siberia

July 2010

Who are we?

“Konsul Company” ltd is a touristic agency. We provide tours all over the world for Russian tourists, and invite foreigners to be guests of our country and of our city! Krasnoyarsk is the heart of Siberia, Russia. Siberia means amazing virgin nature, striking views from specially made platforms. Modern life and ancient inheritance are closely connected here, and every person can find leisure depending on his own unique taste. We provide interesting excursions all over and out of city for history lovers, national kind of leisure such as dacha, mushrooming, fishing, hunting for those who would like to know mysterious Russian soul better, and various extreme adventures for sky and simply extreme lovers.

So, who are we? The head of “Konsul Company” is Pavel Bzhitskikh, a true skydiver, got about 1500 jumps, AFF instructor at Tanay DZ, RW instructor, the head of Krasnoyarsk region Skydiving Federation. Above all Pavel is the head of the legal department of the company, has expert knowledge in law, because started “Konsul Company” after 20 years working at police.

Natalia Slavkina is a deputy director at “Konsul Company”, master of sports in skydiving, got about 1200 jumps, a participant of many of the National records (180-way is the biggest one), in 2014 took Silver at the Russian National Championship in 2-way RW. Above all is passionate about traveling.

You are welcome to ask all the questions You are interested in about visiting Russia, and just to chat, cause we are always glad to get new friends, especially among people who share our skydiving and traveling passions.

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Красноярск, ул. Телевизорная, д.1, строение 9, вход через Микс-Макс (1 уровень) или Октябрьскую Ярмарку 2 этаж. Идите по следам...

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