Classical and theme excursions around Krasnoyarsk

Walking Excursion along the Yenisei Quay with visiting Regional Ethnographical Museum – 3 hours

This excursion is a possibility to walk along the most beautiful places of Krasnoyarsk, breathe a fresh Yenisey air and enjoy overflow of this great and powerful river. Mira Square, Observation place, Cultural Historical centre and other sights are waiting for you! You will also walk along the quay to a central square of our city – a Theatre Square, then Chehov’s monument, fountains and more... After an excursion you will go to the Regional Museum wich is considered to be one of the best museums of history and ethnography in Russia.
Season: a whole year round (Monday – day off)

Krasnoyarsk City tour with visiting the Regional Ethnographic museum - 4 hours

We invite guests to the Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum – the pearl of Siberia, considered to be one of the best museums of history and ethnography in Russia. The museum was opened in
2001 after the reconstruction and now it offers unique modern historic collection. You will see the exclusive samples of minerals which you can find only inSiberia. You will have a unique opportunity to buy some of them as a souvenir and bring a small part of Siberia to your home!

Krasnoyarsk city tour - 3 hours

During the Excursion we show our guests the most interesting places in our city: Mira square with outstanding view of Enisey, monument to Andrew Dubenskoy, Karaulnaya hill where the
whole city is spread before your eyes. You will also visit Praskovya Pyatnitskaya chapel and go through the old streets, you will know where their names come from, how our city has been changing and growing. Our guides will make you fall in love with Krasnoyarsk.
Season: a whole year round

City tour and visiting the ropeway in “Bobrovy Log” fun-park - 5 hours

Firstly you will see the city and the main sights that make our city popular. The guide will tell you all the details of history and modern days. And then you will visit the famous fun park that is called Bobrovy Log, where you will have a chance to discover a beautiful view on the national park “Stolby” (Takmak rock) going up the hill by the ropeway to the observation point
overlooking the magnificent views of the city and surroundings. This tour is a wonderful opportunity to plunge into the wild nature without leaving the city.
Season: whole year around.

Walking Excursion along Mira Street with visiting Surikov Museum – 3 hours

This walking excursion begins on Mira Street. You will hear a story about the main sights of our city and will personally see them, walking by Technological University, Pushkin Theatre,
the oldest chemist’s shop, Pozdeev monument, lots of fountains and other historical and cultural monuments. After this walk you will get acquainted with the life of a famous Russian painter Vasiliy Surikov, an excursion to his house and museum. This walk will let you plunge into atmosphere of our city, join with its history and leave a part of Krasnoyarsk in your heart.
Season: a whole year round (Monday and Tuesday – days off)

Art excursion about Vasily Surikov – 3 hours

You will visit Surikov’s house-museum (Usadba) – wooden house of the beginning of the 19 century, keeping all the features of that period (furniture, design, utensils, service buildings). At the end of 19 th century a young boy Vasia Surikov left this house to win world-wide glory of one of the most prolific painter of that period. Then you’ll go to his gallery and see his brilliant masterpieces.
Season: a whole year round (Monday and Tuesday – days off)


Excursion to the town of Divnogorsk with a visit of the Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Station, observation place “Tsar Ryba” and the ropeway Bobrovy Log - 4,5 hours

After a noisy city you have a great panoramic view of Krasnoyarsk from the Tsar Ryba observation place. Also you will see Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Station one of the biggest Hydro Power Stations in the world, at the fun-park “Bobrovy Log” go up to the hill by the ropeway.
Season: whole year around.

Excursion to the Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Station in Divnogorsk, observation place “Tsar Ryba” and a short cruise on Yenissey reservoir – 6 hours

The tourist-bus goes along the forest road. Visiting of the observation point called “Tsar  Ryba”. Then a group will make a stop on the quay in Divnogorsk and near the Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power station (outside sightseeing). You will have a perfect opportunity to have a yacht voyage around the Krasnoyarsk Sea. You will be offered to have a picnic.
Season: middle May – beginning of September

Excursion to the Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Station in Divnogorsk, a visit of the village Ovsyanka (Astafyev motherland) and observation place “Tsar Ryba” – 4 hours

Ovsyanka is a native village of the writer Viktor Astafyev and it is famous by writer’s library, which he established when he was living in Krasnoyarsk. The staff of the museum will show you the rooms, tell you about the history of the library, about the writer’s life. You’ll also visit the museum of Astafyev’s grandmother, learn a lot about his work. You will visit a local church and walk along the bank of Yenissey river.
Season: a whole year round (Monday – day off)



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