Konsul Company was one of the organizers of parachuting championship in Krasnoyarsk 2015!!!

June 2015

The open championship of the city of Krasnoyarsk in parachuting is over!!! For the first time, after years of coordination and organizational turmoil, we managed to hold it in the heart of our city. Yes, the island Tatyshev is the ideal place for such events. All compact – landing pad, infrastructure, equipped with a helipad. Precisely because of this, all the action becomes interesting for the spectators and fans. "...these are the people who boldly step into the sky, I can touch them, I see that they are the same as me, I see how their eyes lit up after the jump..."It's just great!!! The climax of this celebration and this feeling of unity was the storm which swept over the island immediately after landing, our skydivers. It was interesting to see, when all together, parachutists, judges and spectators rushed under the eaves, escaping from the rain!!! All together, pressed against each other, vigorously discussed all they've seen!!! In short – the festival was a success!!!

On behalf of all the competitors and spectators, we wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to our partners who believed in the reality of this event and gave us huge help in organizing the event!!! The first is all the department of Krassport headed by Director Sergey Kochan and Vladimir Musienko, who was a Deputy at that moment!!! Understanding and knowing the work of our Skydiving Federation, they believed that we are able not only to show high results at the Federal and national level, but also able to organize a celebration for our native city. They were able to defend the most important component in the budget, without which this festival would not have happened!!! A huge THANK YOU to our friend and partner, Director of aerocomplex SkyFly Arman Kirakosyan!!! Arman believed  in the implementation of this plan for several years, and that's why all these years have supported us!!! At the final stage of preparation of the event we were lucky to meet people obsessed with the sky who helped us a lot. Special thanks to the Director of the Aerogeo airlines Mamaev Alexander, the aircraft commander Eugeniy Sabitov, the entire crew of the helicopter Mi-8, who spent all this day with us, and of course Olga Kashira, who performed the role of coordinator with Krassport. Magnificent air show would not have happened without the head of the Krasnoyarsk aeroclub Shitikov Alexander, Director of the private pilot Club Igoshin Victor and his Deputy Karnaukhov Dmitry!!! And of course a huge THANK YOU to all Krasnoyarsk aeroclub for the teamwork, and first of all the head of skydiving department Volovikov Valentin!!!

Video of the festival you can see here and here.


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