Active and extreme leisure in Krasnoyarsk

Active excursions and hiking

Krasnoyarsk is famous not only due to cultural and historical attractions, it is also popular for natural monuments. If you are active and energetic, these excursions for you. We invite you to take a stroll along the legendary reserve "Stolby" or go there by car, to visit fun park "Bobrovy Log" - a sport complex and skiing reserve of a new generation, using world-class technology. Here you can take a tour with a guide going up by ropeway tp for the best viewing platform of Krasnoyarsk, also you can enjoy unique extreme amusements.


Krasnoyarsk is a city situated very close to the nature. After visiting Krasnoyarsk city center you have a right to get acquainted to the Krasnoyarsk surroundings. The tourist-bus goes along the forest road to some villages where you will meet local people and explore their
life, to Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Station, second biggest in Russia. According to the legends of primordial inhabitants of the Yenisey region, the main river of Siberia – Yenisey river - is a reflection of the Milky Way to the ground. Being one of the longest rivers not only in Russia but in the world (4092 km. length), it is longer than a distance from London to Moscow


Bus excursion to the reserve “Stolby”, 5 hours (3 km by foot)

If you have ever been to Krasnoyarsk, but haven’t visited the nature reserve “Stolby”, you haven’t seen the heart of the city, it’s lungs, it’s soul. For those, who like spending the holiday in a calm or active way, who like to open new spaces and observe panoramic views, who looks for harmony with nature we offer the excursion to the reserve “Stolby”. This is the place to get unforgettable impressions while visiting our city!
Unlike regular tour to “Stolby” our tourist will not have to go up 7 km to reach the “First  Stolb”. Our driver will get you straight to the top.
Season: a whole year round (in winter trekking distance increases)

Hiking excursion to the reserve “Stolby”, 6 hours (17 km)

The excursion will be interesting for active tourists, who can trek 17 km a day. With the help of an experienced guide – rock climbers you will have a walk on a tourist zone, and those who seek for adventures can try to climb up the rock. You wil learn lots of local legends and in the end you will have a rest and taste delicious Russian barbecue in a log hut of the real rock climber. The shape of each rock is so unique, that almost all rocks have their own names - Grandfather, Granddauther, Pillars, Elephant, Lion's Gate etc.
Season: March-October

2 days hiking excursion to the reserve “Stolby” (25km)

The excursion will be interesting for active tourists, who can trek 20-25 km per day. You will have a pleasant walk in central group of rocks with an experienced guide, spend night in a
wooden log of the real rock climber, walk around night taiga and see really wild places where few people have been before. On the next day you will go to the territory called “Wild
Stolby”, where usual people can not get. There is no any sign of human presence, there are very few paths. You will feel a close unity with pure Siberian nature.
Season: March-October

Visiting Siberian Dacha (4 hours)

Dacha is an exclusively Russian concept. No European language has an equivalent for it. It’s impossible to call it a country house as it’s not a country house. It’s impossible to call it a summer cottage as it’s not a cottage. The only way is to use transcription and call it just “dacha”. Russian dacha is known for more than 300 years There are more than 12 communities with dachas near Krasnoyarsk. And they are the favorite places for citizens to
move to in summer season. A cozy house, banya (bathhouse), vegetable garden and marvelous flowers are the typical attributes of any dacha.
Here you will meet a friendly host, listen to his stories about this lovely place, admire a great harvest, taste traditional dacha dishes – such as shashlik, potato, pickle and pancakes. If you want to take a steam bath with birch broom – you are welcome! Also you can try to cook Russian cuisine yourself!
Season: June – middle of October

Mushrooming (6 hours)

Warm fall usually glads people with bright colours of dyed leaves and delicious nature gifts. Lots of mushroomers rush towards forests in search of milky caps, agaric honeys, orangecap and yellow boletuses, chanterelles and other mushrooms. Mushrooms have great healing features which were already known in ancient China and Japan, countries which are
considered to be the motherland of fungotherapy, the curing with mushrooms.
Not only mushrooms themselves are useful for our health but process of picking them as well. Walking in an autumn wood and breathing fresh soft air for several hours will purify your body from city smog and take away your city worryings. Picking up mushrooms accompanied with skilfull foresters provides a real meditative pleasure.
A host family that you will visit after a mushroom picking is going to share the secrets of preparing excelent pickles from mushrooms gathered by you and how to cook delicious meals of mushrooms you have gathered.
Season: middle July – middle September

Extreme leisure

Today the active leisure in Russia is getting back its lost popularity. More and more tourists are looking for a thrill, something to remember for a long time. In fact active leisure, being so different from a standard beach vacation, makes you more relaxed, cheerful and healthier!

Active leisure in the heart of Russia - Siberia - gives you an opportunity to learn something new, to get inspired and cheer up.

The possibilities of active leisure in Krasnoyarsk region are practically unlimited. These are: walking tours, karting, paintball, rafting, separate and tandem skidiving, and combinations of these tours.


Even the most experienced thrill-seekers will enjoy numerous tourist routes of Krasnoyarsk region!

Horseback riding


Riding a horse can bring a person closer to nature; not just to the local terrain or countryside that you would just tread to with your horse but also to yourself, as a human being. Horseback riding is a very refreshing outdoor activity that can even be taught to little children. Riding a horse can become a good lesson for everyone as the responsibility of nurturing and caring for the horse can help you to connect with Mother Nature to a higher level.

Apart from imparting environmental and recreational advantages you can also benefit from horseback riding in terms of health. The health benefits connected with horseback riding are many. For one, horseback riding is an excellent cardiovascular workout. Horseback riding involuntarily improves the heart rate while you are engrossed in this recreational activity. Horseback riding also works up your lungs and improve respiration. Riding horses improves your posture since you are always on guard and cautious of controlling the horse. The correct posture is utmost important while you ride a horse in terms a safety and heath and this can prove beneficial in return. And lastly, riding a horse is a fun and an exuberating social activity.

Riding is just like any other sport such as soccer or tennis. It would be wrong to assume that it is a very sedentary activity as all you are really doing is sitting on the horse. It takes balance, strength and most importantly bravery to ride a horse or a pony. Horseback riding is a very thrilling experience and worth making a shot at.
So go ahead and learn how to gallop around with a horse and simply enjoy your self while you’re at it. Reap all the benefits this hobby has to offer.

Extreme driving lesson

Driving is often an extreme sport – even for those who have nothing to do with extreme sports. Legally licensed drivers often exhibit “skills” that are far from ideal, which is why actual extreme driving courses are gaining popularity with people of different ages and social status.


Skilled drivers are taught to cope with extreme situations in theory and in practice. The courses include driving on an icy track, coping with

skidding on different vehicles and corrective maneuvering at high speeds.


Those who haven’t driven for a long time can take courses aimed at helping them re-acquire their skills. The school instructors advise extra courses both in the beginning of the winter and summer seasons, as well as when a client switches to a new vehicle.


Another must-do is a summer and winter extreme driving course on a track. In the summer, drivers are taught emergency acceleration and

braking skills while keeping their cars’ various safety systems in mind, avoiding road obstacles while driving fast, speedy maneuvering on the road, and speedy turns and driving backwards.


Winter practical courses includes emergency accelerating and breaking on ice, getting out of a skid on slippery surfaces and the technique of a 180 degree turn to stabilize a vehicle.


Welcome to the largest skydiving resort in Siberia, with the biggest skydiving aircraft fleet here. Although we appear to be a mega dropzone, you will always feel welcome and at home around our dropzone.


More sun, more jumps, more fun… and more serious training too.


We realize you have many choices out there, and wish to welcome you to our skies… this is one of the best choices you've ever made.



Exiting an aircraft and returning to earth with the biggest smile and the most peaceful "Zen…sation", its outstanding!!

Flying in the wind tunnel

All the wind tunnels were invented not for fun, but for the sportsmen-skydivers training. Wind tunnels are the perfect platform to train Your skills in managing Your body in the air – and this training is much more effective than skydiving training.


If You appear to visit Krasnoyarsk – You also mustn't miss the opportunity to try our wind tunnel. And You can do it any time of year.


There is an interesting fact that a 2 minutes flight in a wind tunnel is equal to one jump, because the energy consumption is the same.

Quadric tours






Riding quadrocycles is a sport for individuals or groups. If you like active rest outdoors, renting a quadrocycle is exactly what you need! Quad bikes are the ideal tool for travelling, where the usual word “road” becomes meaningless. This is definitely a fun way to get to places where only a few dare to visit. For those who want to fully experience the drive and get pleasure from modern off-road motorcycle wheel drive technology, as well as hard-to-visit natural and historical heritage. This unique opportunity to manage powerful off-road equipment gives a sense of freedom of movement and self-confidence.


The stressful days and the city rush will disappear once you start your journey through the forests, desert terrains, mountains or simply off-road. Stunning landscapes, chirping birds and fresh air will make you relax for real!


Tours on quadrocycles in interesting places across Krasnoyarsk countryside is quite the experience that will linger long in your hearts!

Plane tour above the city

Enjoy the tranquil flight in Aeroprakt A-22 above the city, which has round windscreen in the cabin, or taste all the extreme of higher aerobatics in the 2-seat Yak-52.


If you’ve dreamt of flying then this is your chance now!


The sky will be yours! Enjoy the beauty of our city, take picture of the breathtaking view!


No matter what You choose – You will never forget it!


Check the price at Konsul Company.

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